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Lindsey Pritchett

Welcome to Breathing Wild Air! I am Lindsey, a Virginia-based native, who finds happiness outside. My hobbies are nature-centric: hiking, backpacking, traveling, kayaking, etc. In the winter time I am obsessed with holiday themed beverages and cuddling up to watch Hallmark movies (thanks Mom!). I live in Virginia with my husband and our rescue dog, Lily. I am passionate about good coffee, notebooks/journals, foliage, flowers, craft beer, making a positive impact, and living life to the fullest. I like to engage in projects that challenge my perspective and push me to learn something new. I am a strong advocate of Leave No Trace and protecting our wild, both places and the wildlife. Breathing Wild Air is a project I began in summer 2017, but has been many years in the works before anything concrete was put to paper. It's a place to feel refreshed, to remember where I have been while encourages others to seek the outdoors, regardless of the perceived limits holding you back. Breathing Wild Air is about traveling, finding sacred places in the wilderness as well as the city, self-discovery, and everyday adventure.